Rooted ministers to the spiritual needs of people living in the local motels of Fauquier County. Most of the guests at these hotels are not on a vacation. Rather, they are on the fringe of surviving. Many are lonely, feel hopeless, are filled with guilt and self-doubt, and carry great anxiety about their future and the next day. They often have dreams and desires for a better life. These hotels are temporary housing for individuals and families who are homeless, running away, recently released from prison, and often, struggling with addictions and other issues.

With the hotel owners’ approvals, the Rooted team knocks on guest room doors and talks with whoever answers. They listen to their stories, see the pain and worry in their faces, and listen to their needs. Then together, holding hands, they pray. They ask the Lord to bring His Spirit into their rooms, lives, and hearts. They ask the Lord to help these people find the mission and purpose God put them on this earth to do.

Using guidance from the Bible and the book “When Helping Hurts,” this ministry is based on the premise that the hotel guests are suffering from the effects of bad and or broken relationships with themselves, God, others and their communities. These broken relationships can be the result of bad conditions (e.g. drug abuse), situations (e.g. domestic violence), or choices (e.g. bad boyfriend). Rooted seeks to be a be a source of rehabilitative hope through the word of Christ. It is designed to help each person repair their relationship with God and begin to see their God-given strengths and abilities. Rooted provides no financial or personal assistance. It provides something much more powerful – life in Christ.

The ministry name “Rooted” was selected because the concept of being rooted is a recurring theme heard from those living in these motels. They all desire to put down roots and get their lives on track. These roots can take the form of affordable housing, living clean and sober, ending abusive relationships, avoiding crime, obtaining a good job, or fixing a relationship with family, friends, and God. Please consider joining Rooted in their efforts to bring God's love and grace to some of the most broken and isolated in our community.

CONTACT:  Jay Heroux