Unity in Christ

The members of Warrenton Baptist Church are bound together as one Body in Christ, striving to live a life worthy of our calling with one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all. Unity in Spirit demands humility, obedience, patience, respect, compassion, and love that covers all.

Worship and Praise

The members of Warrenton Baptist Church covenant to worship God through prayer, praise, honor and thanksgiving. Our corporate worship includes preaching, music, prayer, and giving. Together we gather before the Lord in hopes of personal transformation.

Teaching and Preaching

The members of Warrenton Baptist Church, devoted to the Word of God, use our gifts to share the salvation message of repentance and forgiveness. As followers of Christ, we faithfully and sincerely proclaim His compassion and love to each other and to the entire world. Our goal is a transformed will and a committed heart in service of Jesus Christ. We prayerfully and deliberately spread God’s Word by reaching out in love and faith, preaching, teaching, and baptizing so that all have the opportunity of receiving salvation through the Holy Spirit.

Giving, Missions, and Ministry

The members of Warrenton Baptist Church cheerfully offer their time, spiritual gifts, and financial resources to honor Christ and to support and advance His Kingdom through Missions and Ministry. Spiritual giving demonstrates love, faith, and devotion to God and others in accordance to what we have been given.


The members of Warrenton Baptist Church are committed and accountable to one another in Christian fellowship as we share joys and burdens; prayers and praise; giving and receiving both spiritual and material blessings. We share Christ with all people as we are led by His Holy Spirit, reflecting God’s light in the world.


The members of Warrenton Baptist Church are devoted to corporate and individual prayer. We seek to know God’s will through adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. We commit to joyful, constant, compassionate, and attentive communion with God.

To learn more about our specific values and beliefs, see the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message.