50 Day Prayer Challenge – Day 25

October 9, 2020 Mike Bradley 0 Comments

Today marks our halfway point in our 50 days of prayer for God to bring revival to our church, our community and our country! I want to remind you today that we are not just praying for God to “work”. The Scripture tells us that God is always at work among us and that we simply need to look for Him. Praying for revival is a prayer for God to reveal Himself in a way that grabs the attention of His people and shakes up the status quo of the church. Revival is God at work but, in ALL CAPS! It is the equivalent of the parent who calls you into the room by using your first, middle and last name. You know that what follows will probably not be a routine conversation. With this in mind, we are often encouraged to “watch and pray”. In other words, prayer is not only coming before God with our requests but responding to His call. That requires praying and…”watching”!