50 Day Prayer Challenge – Day 22

October 5, 2020 Mike Bradley 0 Comments

Revival is not a movement or a cause. It is not a special emphasis or program that a church is doing. Revival is a supernatural, God orchestrated event in response to the prayers of His repentant people. It is God making Himself known in a clear manifest way.

In the Book of Acts we are given several examples of revival among the people of God. In Acts 2 the Holy Spirit responds the the prayers of the church with tongues of fire and everyone present hears the Gospel in their own language. In Acts 4:31 the Holy Spirit comes in response to the prayers of the church and shakes the foundations of the building they are meeting in and the people are filled with boldness to proclaim the Gospel without fear.

These are two more common characteristics of a “revival” brought by the Lord. A perceivable movement of the Holy Spirit and a boldness in the church to proclaim the Gospel! Revival is a supernatural act of God that empowers and emboldens His children to proclaim the Gospel in a way that will transform our church, our community and our country!