50 Day Prayer Challenge – Day 21

October 5, 2020 Mike Bradley 0 Comments

What does revival look like? What is it that we are praying for? When we look through the Scriptures and history at times of revival we find that there are some common characteristics. First, all moments of revival were always preceded by God’s people praying. The prayers of God’s repentant people (2 Chronicles 7:14) are required to prepare the groundwork for the mighty move of God that we call “revival”. When God’s people wholeheartedly and humbly rededicate themselves to their heavenly Father, the stage is set!

But, we must be reminded that the decision to bring “revival” remains with God. In other words, we need to understand that our prayers for revival are required for our preparation, but do not somehow “control” God. our personal renewal is up to us but a “moment of revival” in our church, our community and our country is in our Father’s hands.

Oh, that it could be now, Lord Jesus! Come and reveal yourself in a way that cannot be denied! Move powerfully among your people!