50 Day Prayer Challenge – Day 7

September 20, 2020 Mike Bradley 0 Comments

God is at work all around us! So, if God is already working, what is the purpose of our prayers and what exactly are we praying for? First, let us remember that the primary purpose of prayer is to get our hearts and minds in line with God not vice versa. Secondly, our prayers show our dependence on God and our confession that all things come from Him. Thirdly, we are instructed to bring our requests and needs to the LORD. Plenty of reasons to pray!

What are we praying for? We are begging our Heavenly Father to make Himself and His work “manifest”. What does this mean? To make His presence “known” and “seen” by all! It is giving the evidence of His power and grace to the world He loves! This He does through the PRAYING CHURCH!