Countdown to Christmas – Day 2

December 2, 2019 Mike Bradley 0 Comments

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets.” – Amos 3:7

“In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David.  The virgin’s name was Mary.  The angel went to her…” – Luke 1:26, 27

#2 – God always gives us a heads up

God always lets us know what He is doing.  Whether it is an impending judgement or an opportunity to join Him in a work of grace…He lets us know.  Think of the stories in the Bible.  Most of them involve God explaining, warning, teaching, revealing or directing His people in some way.  If anyone is caught by surprise by what God is doing it is not due to God withholding information.  Quite the opposite!  We could say that our heavenly Father over communicates.  According to the prophet Amos, He doesn’t do anything without telling His servants.  In other words, somehow some way God is going to let you know what He is up to.  Remember when He went to Moses in Exodus? 

“Hey Moses, I got a plan and I want you to be a part of it.” 

Over and over, “Hey Abraham, Joseph, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, I got a plan and I want you to be a part of it.”

“Hey Mary…”

God always gives a heads up.

So, for good or bad, God always lets us in on His plans.  In Mary’s case we know what’s coming.   “Better brace yourself young lady!”  God had a plan and wanted her to be a part of it.  So, He sent Gabriel to give her a heads up.  This side of Christmas we see this as a wonderful opportunity for Mary and seldom acknowledge her struggle with this turn of events.  Sometimes God’s  “heads up” is not what we expected.  He was telling a young engaged girl in the first century that she was going to become pregnant by supernatural means.  What?  Yes, she would bring into the world the Savior, but it would not be without great sacrifice.  “How can this be?” is Mary’s first response.  Gabriel goes on to give more detail…”blah blah blah…(angel talk)…For nothing is impossible with God.” (verses 35-37).  In verse 38 Mary responds, “I am the Lord’s servant” and she agrees.  I can’t help but wonder what went through Mary’s head between those two verses.  Was it a nod without a second thought or did Gabriel sit with her for an hour or two while she pondered this scenario? 

Side note:  Not everyone is on board when the Lord reveals His plans for us.  Remember Jonah?

Maybe you are wondering what God’s plans are for you today…this Christmas season.  I can tell you this, His plans are for your good and His glory.  They may not be convenient and they may not be what you expected but they are good.  You don’t want to miss it!  It starts by saying…and praying with Mary, “I am the Lord’s servant, let your will be done.”