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WBC has an ongoing relationship with Jerusalem Baptist Church in Fort Liberté, Haiti.  We partner with several churches through the 501c3 non-profit Friends of Fort Liberté. Under the leadership of Pastor André Jean, this church is a dynamic fellowship in the northeast district of the country.  Since 1995, WBC has made a yearly pilgrimage to work alongside these Christian brothers and sisters, helping them to fulfill the visions that God has given them.  As we support their ministries, WBC church members, regardless of professional background, find themselves working in the clinic, at the school, at the orphanage, at the farm, or on a construction project.  Currently, our annual trip is over the week of Thanksgiving.  We welcome 9th graders through 9th decaders!  

If you cannot physically go to Haiti, there are still numerous ways to be involved.  First, we covet your prayers.  After that, you can help us as each year as we gather supplies—from toiletries to vitamins to bedding and many other items.  You can also assist us in various fundraisers, from our yard sales to our silent auction and dinners.  Or bring us a new idea!  And if God calls you to it, we welcome you into our sponsorship programs.  Sponsor a child in the town, enabling that child to go to school. Sponsor a day in the clinic or sponsor a meal through the Feed My Lambs program.  Help improve the salaries of the teachers through the Teacher Buddies program, or sponsor one of our orphans who has found the security and family at long last within our orphanage.

For more information, visit our website, www.haitifriends.com, or contact WBC members Clair Peyton, clairpeyton@gmail.com; Trish Putnam, trish.putnam@bms.com; Laurie Schauss, lschauss3@yahoo.com; or Donna Wilkers, dcwilkers@msn.com